At PCS we feel very strongly about backing up data whether it be on a home pc or on a server based network.

Backups are the most under rated part of an office daily routine and often get forgotten about and it is only when the data is lost that the importance is realised.

We can provide tape based backup solutions for small / medium businesses which run on an overnight schedule to ensure that the customers data is safe and secured and offsite in the event of having to recover from it in a disaster recovery situation.
Data Recovery

If the unthinkable does happen and the harddrive which conatins all of your photos, music or office data files does fail then we do have the facility to recover most data from a harddrive using a low level piece of recovery software. This is a service we do offer and our maintenance customers do benefit from as part of their contract but is also something we offer to home users and members of the public.

We would provide this service on a no data no fee service so if we cannot recover your data then we will not charge for the time and expertise involved.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on general data backups or in regard to our data recovery services