WHY THE iPECS CLOUD and how it will benefit your business
iPECS Cloud provides resilient, secure and feature rich communications for businesses wanting to collaborate & communicate with their customers

What is iPECS

iPECS Cloud brings all the features you know and love to the cloud:
• Tailored to deliver reliable and simple
communications to your desktop
• Use a handset, web portal or applications to access everything you need
• Pay monthly for the services you need as
your business grows

Why would it suit
my business?

iPECS Cloud is designed to scale; it suits all sizes of business whether you have a single home office or multiple locations around
the globe:
• On-demand features and same-day
• Add or remove users quickly and easily
• Create a tailored experience for your

What benefits will
it deliver?

iPECS Cloud brings your team together with simple tools for collaboration and
To name a few benefits:
• Flexibility
• Disaster Recovery
• Automatic software updates
• Reliable
• Cost efficient
• Work from anywhere