Computer Hardware

InPCS can supply every aspect of computer hardware whether it is to install yourself or to have one of our experienced engineers do it for you. The computer hardware P C S supply ranges from simple broadband routers and network switches up to purpose built portfolio1workstations and servers.

Purpose built computers and servers

The pc’s and servers which we supply are purpose built here in our offices using tested and compatible hardware which we know work well together. We try and use, where possible, well known brands of components meaning that the pc’s and server’s we install are all of a high specification level and give the end user peace of mind that the hardware has been fully load tested. This does however mean that we are not always the cheapest but when you are paying for peace of mind the small amount extra is of no consequence.

Generally our preferred component manufacturers are Intel, Kingston, Seagate, Weston Digital and Sony. Together these products allow us to produce reliable, fast and efficient pc’s and server’s running the latest in Microsoft’s workstation and server software.

We can also supply and install some of the large branded servers, such as Dell and Fujitsu when it is a customers preference.

Laptops & Tablets

InPCS can supply and configure all types of portable devices to cater for your everyday need, whether it is a Windows 8 laptop or acer-windows-8-touchscreen-laptopan Apple IPad or a Microsoft surface Pro.