C.C.T.V Systems

inPCS has a wealth of experience with CCTV installations, past and present, including setup and footage extraction on various platforms. We are familiar with BNC or CAT5 connected hardware to all types of recording devices, interface cards or modern DVR recorders.


We can provide the expertise  required to make your DVR available for remote viewing and help with setting up access through your internet firewall, we can also supply the broadband and router required to make this all possible, see our telecom services page for more info.


We can supply anything from a single camera connected to your home or office PC to a full blown PTZ camera setup with a network DVR view able from any internet connected device.

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Choosing the right camera can be a major task, we can guide you through this process and ensure you get the perfect match for your requirements.

There are so many options of camera lens and night vision enabled cameras available, but we can demonstrate their various advantages and give you a chance to view our existing systems to show you what is available on the market today.