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Telephone systems are no longer just the means of making phone calls, they now form the backbone of any successful business infrastructure. The modern day system can offering anything from key business reports to business critical recordings. They can be used to connect business sites to home workers & even give cost effective video conferencing. We […]

We are able to supply a wide range of software from popular off the shelf packages such as Microsoft Office & Sage to complete bespoke business management software. We also supply a our own in house developed range of specialist business products including CRM & Job control software, which can be personalized to your specific needs. […]

  It is no longer necessary for businesses to have their phone lines & calls billed by BT. We are able to offer you tremendous savings by either switching your existing lines or installing new ones. We act as your point of contact to ensure a smooth seamless transition or installation. read more

  Debit or Credit Cards are one of the most popular forms of payment in the UK today, with most consumers paying for at least half their purchases with a plastic card. More UK purchases are made each year using cards than cheque and cash combined, making it difficult for businesses to reach their full […]